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New Freelancer Account Sign-up (step 1)
PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED WIHTOUT reading this first (all new accounts MANUALLY APPROVED by admin upon review) :

1) A $5.90 NON-REFUNDABLE sign-up fee is required via PayPal, so only serious users can create an account and also to pay for our admin time/resources.

2) PLEASE PAY ATTENTION at paypal - after you complete the payment at paypal, on the last page there will be a link at the bottom to return you back to the signup page - CLICK on the LINK SO YOU ARE RETURNED BACK to this website to complete your account creation/signup on this website.

3) Your ACCOUNT will be in a SUSPENDED mode and you will not be able to bid UNTIL IT IS ACTIVATED manually (usually activated within 24-48 hours after confirmation of payment and soon as we can but try to login after 24 hours and if you are unable to bid then email your username via the contact form below but please read the next line first). If you use(d) a different email to signup here ie. if the email at your paypal account and the account/user email here are different, then contact below and provide your email addresses so we know which account you paid for at paypal.

4) If you are not redirected to the signup page after completing the payment at paypal, please contact via the contact form below. If you completed the signup and if your account is not activated 48 hours after you created the account, email your username along with the transaction ID/date at paypal, and ALLOW 48 HOURS for a response and/or account activation (try logging in 48 hours after you email your payment details).

If you have read the above, please make your payment (a new window will open).
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