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Post your project at Freelance and outsource your work to a freelance coder, web developer, designer, programmer and IT Service Provider. Save time, money on quality design, development and programming services on your terms and within your budget.
Finding a quality web designer, developer or a programmer or a group of freelance developers for your web design, development and programming projects, could not be easier. We have registered freelance developers and designers from all over the world registered on our website at Freelance We provide you with an access to our network of qualified freelance and professional computer programmers at no cost to you until you are ready to hire a freelance developer or a programmer.

What could be better? You don't pay us anything until you are ready to hire a coder or a web designer. When you post your request for quote at Freelance, you will save time because you will not need to search on the web or to look at several resumes of freelancers in order to get your project completed. You will save money because registered programmers on our web site will bid on your projects and hence are competing for your business, which inturn means more choices for you at lower prices.

Request for quotes on a variety of programming or web design projects
We have buyers who have Outrsourced work to Freelance and Professional Computer Programmers, IT consultants and Website Designers for Script Development (Perl, CGI, PHP, ASP), Script Installation (UNIX, Linux, Windows Systems), Database Design (MS Access, SQL, mySQL, Orcale, Postgres), Web Design/Development & CMS (HTML, XML, Java, perl, VB/Visual Basic, Cold Fusion), Firewall & Security, Creative Work, Multimedia, Animation, Banner Ad, Flash, Graphic Design, Logo, GUI, ECommerce and Shopping Cart, Payment Gateway Script, Website Redesign, Web Template and more ...
How it works and how you may request for quotes on your project development from our coders
    1. Sign-up for a free account and post a description of your web project.
    2. As soon as the project is posted our database will automatically email to qualified computer programmers, developers and web designers by looking at their expertise and will match them based on your project requirements.
    3. Interested coders, designers and web developers will login to our site and will post a competitive bid for your project.
    4. You may wait as long as you wish or close your project anytime by logging into your Freelance account and choose the programmer you wish to hire. If you need to ask questions to a specific web programmer or a freelance developer who responded you with a bid/quote then you may use the project message board to post your questions.
    5. We will then notify the programmer/web designer to start working on your project.
    6. When the work is ready for delivery, you will need to pay the remaining amount.
    7. Rate your programmer and provide comments on the services provided by the programmer, so we can track and help other users in the future.

Type of projects you may post
Our registered users include both freelance computer programmers, coders, developers, web designers and also several small IT consulting firms. These professionals will be able to provide you programming and development services related to ECommerce, Software Development, IT Consulting, Database Design, CGI/PHP Scripting, Script Installations, Script Modifications, Web Site Designs, Logos, Graphics, Animation, Flash, Presentations, Banner Ads, Multimedia & Creative Services in the following categories, platforms, languages and databases.
Project categories and type of development work
You may post a project to request for quotes on programming and web development projects related to,
Applications, CRM, Databases, ECommerce, Shopping Cart Development, Graphical Interface - GUI, IT Consulting Services, Networking, Purchasing, Security, Systems Administration, Technical Support, Expert/Advice, Animation & Banner Ad Designs, Flash Design, Graphics & Website Logos, Multimedia, PDF Conversions and Related, Presentations & Slide Shows, Script (cgi, php, asp, java) Installations, Script (cgi, php, asp, java) Modifications, Script Troubleshooting and Bug Fixes, Custom Scripting & New Script Development, Spreadsheets, Web Site Design, Web Redesign for existing Web Sites, Web Templates, Web Marketing, Search Engine Optimization - SEO, and more...
Programming platforms and operating systems
FreeBSD, MacOS, Solaris, UNIX/Linux, Windows
Programming languages
ASP, C/C++, Cold Fusion, Java, Javascript, Perl/CGI, PHP, Python, XML, Visual Basic,
Database design and development
MS or Microsoft Access, Filemaker, Flatfile Databases for Web Sites, DBM, Informix, LDAP, MS SQL, MySQL, Oralce 8, Postgres/pgSQL and more.
Web scripting, coding, installation and fixes for existing scripts
Custom script development, script installations, bug fixes, updates and enhancements to third party scripts (scripts developed by other coders), etc.

Find our full FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) here

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